Week #4: What I’ve learned so far


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Farting at shows: People fart at shows. This isn’t a trend alert. In fact, this has to stop. I’m sure people have been doing for years. But I’ve just noticed it from going to show after show after show for the last month. Seriously people. Stop dropping bombs. We’re already crammed in there like sardines, and you let fly? I guess the benefit is you can’t be ¬†blamed. But man…that shit is just rude.

Going to the Village Vanguard with Mormons (or people who don’t drink): I talked about this in my Terence Blanchard entry. But again, this is a good idea because a $10 drink ticket is part of the price of admission. So if you go with someone who doesn’t drink, then you get an extra one since it’s hard to drink $10 of soda.¬†

Just because it’s sold out doesn’t give you the right to be an asshole: Listen up. Just because it’s sold out, and it’s impossible to walk anywhere in the club (i.e. Le Poisson Rouge for Fujiya + Miyagi w/School of Seven Bells) doesn’t give you the right to be an asshole. We all paid the same price for the ticket. And we’re all annoyed with how crowded it is. If I’m trying to get past you, get the fuck out of the way. Don’t just stand there thinking I will somehow go around you. There’s nowhere to go. If you don’t like it, leave.

Jazz rules: Just sayin’.

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