2/21/09: Divergence @ Fontana’s (30/100)

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I wasn’t feeling too metal tonight but there I was, at Fontana’s anyhow. I wasn’t sure what I was  really in for since I knew very little about these guys. show.. I was contacted by Brian from a band named Divergence a couple of weeks ago. He found the blog and sent me an email, asking if would check out his band if he put me on the guest list. Nice. My first official band solicitation of the project. I did some Googling and found out that Divergence is a metal band from Jersey. The song that starts on their site doesn’t sound bad (albeit, pretty obviously “inspired’ by Metallica’s “Shortest Straw – at least the intro), so I figured why not. It would help diversify the project. Indie Rock Thursday. Jazz Friday. Metal Saturday. Plus, it was free. And early, leaving the rest of my night open for a change.

Brian (bass/vox) sent me an email Friday, saying that if I got to the club around 6:30p, we could hang and chat before their set. To be honest, I didn’t want to hang and chat. I wanted to come, watch and leave. Nothing against Brian, I’m sure he’s a perfectly nice guy (they all seemed nice, good vibe in the room tonight). I just didn’t feel like hanging and chatting. I thought it might taint the entry I would write. Ok, unless he punched me in the face (which is always a possibility, this is metal) – I’m sure it wouldn’t taint it that much. But whatever, I was thankful he put me on the list, so I got to Fontana’s at door time, 6:30. Yet, the hang and chat never happened (except for briefly after).

 I’d never seen a show at Fontana’s, so I didn’t actually know where the stage was. But I did know that Fontana’s is across the street from my favorite dumpling house in Manhattan, and was looking forward to $3 dinner after.


But I digress.

I found the door to the stage, said I was on the list, but the woman at the door had no list, so I showed her the email from Brian, and that seemed to be enough. The place actually got pretty crowded for such an early show (50+ people). A lot of family and friends I was guessing. Either that or there’s a big middle-aged metal audience out there I don’t know about.

Divergence hit stage and immediately brought the metal: cranking out song after Metallica-inspired song. Yea, sorry. I can’t write this entry without repeating how blatant the Metallica inspiration is. Thing is, apart from the one song that starts like “Shortest Straw,” the rest seem inspired from post-Black Album Metallica. Which I thought was weird since the pre-Black Album Metallica is the good Metallica (right?). In fact, just in case someone in the audience didn’t catch onto the Metallica inspiration, they actually played “Fuel” from Metallica’s ReLoad. I mean, it made sense. But I was still a bit surprised that they played it. You just don’t usually hear bands be that blatant about their inspiration when picking a cover to work into a set. At least, not until they become bigger. 

But they were having fun, the crowd was having fun, they were good at their instruments and the songs were tight (kind of have to be, this is metal). And I haven’t been to a metal show in a really long time, so it was fine. 

With songs titles like “Eulogy” and “My Prison Still Remains,” the requisite finger tapping, Crate amps and ESP guitars, this show had everything a metal show needs – except the badass attitude. Brian was definitely charismatic, but metal should scare you a bit. At the very least, it should make you a little uneasy. But that just wasn’t there tonight. Which was fine with me. I just wonder what the heavy metal gods were thinking.

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  1. Thanks for coming!

    -Brian & Divergence

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