2/23/09: Trustfall @ The Mercury Lounge (32/100)

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I’m tired, worn out, congested, waaaaaaaaa…It took 31 days for this project to beat me down. I gotta take better care of myself. This project is hard enough as it is – I don’t need to be sick on top of it. So I slept 12 hours last night, have been pumping myself full of Zicam, Vit. C, Emerg-C, OJ, etc. I hope to kick this sick quick because believe me, seeing a band like Trustfall is bad enough in perfect health, much less under the weather. 

To be honest, it’s hard for me to truly judge a band like this because I’m not a 14 year old girl. My niece Erika is, and she might’ve liked them. They were around around her age, and look like they won an American Eagle band contest. But I will judge them, because that’s the mission I’ve given myself.

It was pretty awful, like seeing the Jonas Brothers when only their family and friends went to see them. Musically, they were tight and polished. But songwriting-wise, it was pretty bland and predictable. Lots of palm-muted power chords and cheesy crooning. But, it was an early show, and I  knew they couldn’t play more than an hour, so I was just counting the seconds until I would be home, relaxing on my couch. Coincidentally my friend Al was at the show, too. I guess a friend of his who works with the band suggested he check them out. So I didn’t have to endure this experience alone, which was good. But I did have to spend $10 on it. Which makes me think of other things I’ve spent $10 on that were way better than this show.

Here are a few: 

Grey, pocket T from the Gap 

Converse slip ons 

A pint of Delirium Tremens

You get the idea.

The truth of the matter is, the band was pretty awful, but they could be dressed up, styled and sent out to tour with the Jonas Brothers, or any other tween band, and probably make it. No reason they couldn’t. But that makes me sorta sad for the youth of America. Surely there’s gotta be something better out there for them to like. I mean, when I was that age, I was listening to Kiss, Motely Crue and Guns n Roses. Where are those bands? Why is it that all the bands aimed at the youth today have to be so polished and perfect and easily digestible?

Whatever. I’m not the audience, so I guess I shouldn’t really care. I’m just a guy going out to see music every night, what do I know.

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