2/24/09: Slim Twig @ Pianos (33/100)

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What the hell just happened?

Was I really just at Pianos for Slim Twig? Or was that just another figment of my imagination, like the Nyquil-induced dreams I had last night…as I lay in bed for 12 hours, sweating, then freezing, sweating, then freezing. I’m sure I’m not the first person to ask themselves if that really just happened, though. Sick or well. If you’ve seen this Toronto trio, you know what I’m saying.

A Slim Twig show is a pretty bizarre, funhouse-like experience. A noisy, psychedelic, rockabilly freak out. I don’t know how else to describe it. It’s pretty avant-garde shit, but there’s some interesting stuff going on in there. They’re like Sonic Youth and Liars and Jon Spencer and, some dude fucking freaking out on PCP. It’s weird and undecipherable at times. Yet interesting at all times.

Or maybe that’s because I have been ODing on vitamin C that last couple days. I don’t know.

This was a Paper Bag Records showcase, which was supposed to be Slim Twig, Josh Reichmann Oracle Band and Winter Gloves – a bunch of bands coming into town from Canada. But, Winter Gloves couldn’t make it across the border, so it was just the two bands. Didn’t matter to me though. I was only going to be able to sit through one band. And Slim was up first. 

The room was pretty empty when they started, but filled in a bit as they played. The singer made sure to call us out in the audience for forming, as he called it, the typical “New York half moon.” Three people moved forward to fill in some of the space between our half moon and the stage. I wasn’t moving anywhere. As I sat there, sweating and sniffling, and generally looking and feeling like a total mess, I was at least happy I was sitting there. Sitting being the key word. I found a stool. Bonus.

This fucking sucks to be getting sick during this journey. I mean, I have some great shows coming up this week. And I’ll be damned if I’m going to let a little cold and exhaustion ruin that. If nothing else, I’ll just be delirious for a few days. But at least for the last couple shows I’ve seen, that’s only helped me.

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