Press = Traffic = Press = Traffic…and so on, and so forth

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Holy shit. One story on the Pop Candy blog on USA Today online yesterday, and this happens:

760 hits in one day (pic above).

The previous high was 129. Oh, and lots of other stuff happens too. Contacts from PR people, another story on today, an interview set up next week with a rock station in Washington DC (DC101), various other offers of guest lists/+1 to shows, a Twitter following that keeps growing….awesomeness.

Keep bringing it people. Let’s get to the top of the mountain…together.

(I don’t know what mountain I speak of, just sayin’)

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10 Responses to “Press = Traffic = Press = Traffic…and so on, and so forth”

  1. I like your style. Alas, i can’t find your contact info. March 7th, Union Pool, the Giraffes. Hit me up for listocity:

  2. Best of luck with your concert-going! [I saw your link on the Pop Candy blog.]
    My goal a few years back was to try and see at least one show per week, though I never did that exactly (due to location and pickiness, mostly). My best was 63 concerts in one year, though I don’t think I’ve been to more than 8 shows in a row (that I can recall).

  3. i’m in. i sent you an email. thanks.

  4. Friday, March 13th
    The Rosewood Thieves

    I can’t get you on any list but I can guarantee they put on a solid show

    Check ‘em out here:

  5. thanks. i think i have their record “rise & shine” they are solid

  6. Kelly Frisco says:

    Artist: Susan Werner

    Venue: Joe’s Pub, NYC

    Cost: $ 20

    Date: April 4, 2009 Saturday

    I’m a digital video editor at CNBC and a group of my colleagues are going !
    I would love to meet you if you decide to come!

    If your not on TWITTER. You should be!!!! It’s status updates to your friends and the world in general. Might be a nice compliment to your blog and website!!!! Just tryin to spread the WORD about your endeavour! Good Luck!

    Rock ON!!!!

    Kelly :)

  7. Kelly Frisco says:

    The Susan Werner show at Joe’s Pub is at 9:30 pm

  8. hi, I was just checking back on your site to see how the concert marathon was going. Looks like the word is getting out! Congrats!

  9. Ok, I thought we had reached a truce. I started my project before you, but figured “hey, you’ll probably die before you complete yours.” I have to admit, I felt bad when you got sick, but was proud as you soldiered through.

    Today, basking in the glow of getting the full package – tickets, VIP passes and a photo pass from a popular band last night, I was feeling pretty good. A dozen hits or so on my blog this afternoon; not bad.

    Then I “check in with Nick.” 760 hits! That’s it, when we finally meet, you’re buying the beer. .

  10. hahahahahaha! if only hits equaled $$

    but touche. point taken.

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