2/27/09: Blitzen Trapper w/Plants and Animals @ Bowery Ballroom(36/100)

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My eyelids were made of lead, I couldn’t keep them up…I was still fucking beat. This dumb cold just wouldn’t go away. But I was on my way to see Blitzen Trapper @ Bowery anyhow. But first, a brief history of my relationship with this band.

Chapter 1: Back in November of ‘08, I took a trip to MA to see BT when they were touring with Iron & Wine. My friend Tim lives  up there and he got the tickets. We headed to the show, all excited, but got the door time wrong, and got to the venue just in time for their last song. Balls. We saw Iron & Wine, but whatever. I was pissed.

Chapter 2: A few months ago I noticed BT is coming back to NY, I put it on my calendar.

Chapter 3: A few weeks ago, I notice Blitzen Trapper is on Twitter, so I follow them, and leave them some @ replies about wanting to meet them when they come through town. I mention the 100 bands project. Then, next thing I know, they’re following me. Nice.

Chapter 4: Then, I get a random email from this guy named Dodge who runs the My Old Kentucky music blog. He gives me the email addresses of one of BT’s managers Ingrid, and I email her. She’s really nice and puts me on the guest list. Double nice.

Chapter 5: My same friend Tim goes to see BT again in Northampton a couple days ago. He gets to the show early, sees the band hanging around, walks up and talks to the red-haired guy in the band. He says he’s heard of me and that I contacted them. Triple nice.

Sorry. I said it would be brief. So I lied. So what? So nothing. Ok.

Friday night comes, and I’m fucking wiped out. Still can’t kick this stupid cold. But I’m excited for the show. It’s going to be a good crew for the show. Me, Rob, Joey V, Andy and Bekah. Then, when I get there, I run into Sully, an old co-worker of mine from my MTV days. We get to the club, grab some drinks, miss the very first opening act, Alela Diane. I heard she’s good, but oh well. I’ve been spending enough time at the Bowery that I don’t need to do another 4 hours there tonight.

We check out Plants and Animals, who I had heard a little bit of and thought they sounded good. But live, I don’t know. Wasn’t doing much for me. It was a bit thin.

While they’re on, Rob sends me a text that says “Red haired dude from the band is at merch table.” Sweet, the same guy Tim talked to. So I head over there then introduce myself. His name is Marty or Martin, I can’t remember (sorry, I’m shitty with names).

He remembers meeting Tim and we chat for a few minutes about the 100 bands project. I don’t think he initially grasped how I’m going every day for 100 days. When he does though he says “Wow, that’s hardcore.” We chat for a few more minutes, and then I buy a t-shirt (at the “I’m with the band” 50% discount. Thanks Marty) with the amazing BT logo on the front. He says “enjoy the show,” and I split.

And enjoying this show wasn’t hard to do because tonight, Blitzen Trapper sounded amazing. Maybe top 3 shows of this project so far. There was just this electricity in the room that night. The Bowery was packed shoulder to shoulder. BT was playing every great song from the last two albums. And the crowd was loving it. Including all those I brought with (who I turned onto the band, which always feels good). It was just one of those great nights at what is becoming my second home: the Bowery Ballroom.

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