2/28/09: Lights @ Cake Shop (37/100)

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I’m finally back. Ok not totally back, but up to about 78%. Roughly.  But you know what’s not back right now? My fucking site! I’m so pissed off. Obviously by the time this entry is up, the site problem will have been fixed. But as I write this, I’m fucking fuming. Livid.

Ok, so the band.

This show was a total surprise. And the best thing about it was prompt, not that pricey, and not that bad. I was going to see the Pathmark Gospel Choir Competition at the World Financial Center in the afternoon, but I missed it. Too busy putting this thing together:


I missed it. Whatever. Music is better at night, anyhow.

I met up with Jeremy at Local 138, a few steps from the Cake Shop, for some pre-show beers with him and his buddy Max. Ok, so the recession sucks, we all know that. But look at the bright side, it means $3 beers until 9pm at Local 138.

I was actually planning on seeing either Spectre Folk or Major Stars at Cake Shop, but when we got to the club, Spectre Folk and Lights had switched slots. That’s fine. I didn’t know either of them anyhow.

Lights was a psych-rock band, with two cute girls (and one dude), and another one working an overhead projector, sending patterns onto the band with oils, paint and water. Trippy, bro. The music sounded good, nothing I really remember all that much, but the spectacle of it all was pretty decent.

When they wrapped things up, I talked to the singer Sophia about the project. She thought it was cool. And I was done with music for the night.

Sometimes Saturdays are big bands at bigger venues. Sometimes they’re unknown bands at Cake Shop. I’m fine with that. But the night wasn’t done. Time to head up to Chelsea for a 75th birthday party I didn’t want to miss.

Yes, I know someone who’s 75, who I’m not related to. The man’s name is Giorgio Gomelsky. My band used to rehearse in his building. He’s a grandfather of rock and roll, and a great guy. I really miss talking to him. I guess I could go up to the space and see him more often. But you know how it is. Life gets in the way sometimes.

Jesse Malin was hosting the party. And it was full of a bunch of people I don’t know, but who I assume have a long history with Giorgio. I’ve only known him a few years and I can only imagine the stories they have with him. I’ve heard a few of his (usually involving the Rolling Stones or Eric Clapton) and I can only imagine how many more there are.

We got to his building in Chelsea and it was super packed…

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But Giorgio was nowhere to be found. I asked around and I guess he was upstairs, relaxing in his place. Makes sense. He did just have sugery. I head upstairs, and there are a few people hanging around him, wishing him happy birthday. I do the same and then head back downstairs (grabbing my Les Paul on the way – still have a lot of gear still in the building), have a beer with Jeremy and Max, and we split.

Mission accomplished.

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