3/6/09: The Bird and the Bee @ The Bell House (43/100)

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Rock and roll makes you lazy.

Now I understand why bands grow out their hair, don’t shave and are generally unkempt. There’s just no time or motivation. I mean, I haven’t done my dishes in over a week. I dropped my laundry this week and it was over 30 lbs. I’m a few weeks late for a haircut. And the last time I went to the gym was about a month ago. I’m thinking about going tomorrow. Prediction: Not happening.

But I wasn’t too lazy to head out to Brooklyn to see the Bird and the Bee @ Bell House. And thankfully, tonight turned out to be a piece of cake. I left and was back at my apartment in just under two hours. That may not seem like a snap of the finger, but it felt like it. I guess that’s what happens when the subways aren’t all fucked up, like they usually are these days. Stupid MTA.

I caught the F train right away, got out at 4th Ave and was at the Bell House in no time. After 43 days, my timing has become impeccable. I walked into the club tonight right as the Bird & the Bee hit the stage. Seriously, at the exact time. Damn, I’m good.

The B and B are a fun, cute lounge/disco pop act from L.A. They are Inara George (The Bird) and Greg Kurstin (The Bee), and backed up by singers/dancers/musicians in matching baby doll dresses, with choreographed moves. They have a couple records, but still cover classic songs from Hall and Oates and The Bee Gees. My mind tells me this is sort of cheesy. But my ears miss hearing these songs – they remind me of my childhood. (And that I was going to see Hall and Oates this Sunday, but waited too long and now it’s sold out. Damnit)

Truthfully, this didn’t feel like a Friday night to me. I was on the guest list for the show, and had a +1 that I couldn’t give away. (I guess free music in Brooklyn isn’t enough of a motivation.) So, Rolling solo for a fairly uneventful show made it feel more like a Wednesday. I don’t mean to sound like whiny complainer. I’m fine with going to shows alone. But it just feels sort of sad and pathetic to do it on a Friday. Especially when you have a +1 and the show is in the middle of nowhere.

On the other hand, my impeccable timing this evening made it work out just fine. I caught the train, rolled into the club, watched the band, snapped off some shots, split, caught the F train, and was back at my place in a lot less time than expected.

As I was leaving, I overheard someone excitedly say it was the best show they’d seen in awhile. Did I miss something? Listen, it was fun show and I enjoyed it, but it wasn’t anything spectacular. Definitely not one of the best shows I’ve seen. Which got me to thinking, have I seen so many bands that I’m no longer impressed? Am I becoming numb? Or do these people just never see live music? I’d like to think it’s the last one.

Yea, I’m going with that.

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