3/7/09: Glass Candy @ Le Poisson Rouge (44/100)

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Curse you daylight savings time. Curse you to hell.

That’s right, I’ll curse the darkness when halfway through Glass Candy’s set (which started after 1:30am) the time leaped ahead, from 2am to 3am. And I’ll curse it again when I got to bed at 5am instead of what should’ve been 4am. Ok, 4am isn’t that much better, but you know what I’m saying.

But I guess if I’m going to lose an hour, it might as well be at some weird dance party/rave thingy in a really dark venue with enormous balloons flying through the crowd, glow sticks flying through air, and feeling like I’ve been transported to a huge house party in San Francisco.

That party of course being the Italians Do It Better show at LPR. I had planned on seeing another band out in Brooklyn, The Giraffes, who contacted me on the blog a few weeks ago. Someone from the band said they’d put me on the guest list. I sent them an email and said, sure. But then never heard anything back from them. No confirmation, and that was a few weeks ago. So I didn’t want to get all the way out there for an 11 o’clock set time, only to find out I wasn’t on the list and I couldn’t get in.

So I bailed on that, and decided to join my friend Matt for the Glass Candy show instead. I felt bad for a minute, but I wasn’t sure if The Giraffes were counting on me, and quite frankly I wasn’t looking forward to another weekend night out to the nether regions of Brooklyn, watching a rock show alone. Next time, Giraffes.

Matt, his friend Thiago and I got to LPR a little after 11 (door time), and waited in an enormous line to get in. During which we got continually accosted by everyone from d-bag Bridge and Tunnel dudes, to nice little old ladies asking, “Why are you in line? What’s going on inside? What’s so special in there?” Seriously people? Have you never seen a fucking line in New York?

When we got into the club, it was relatively empty – save for the enormous balloons all over the stage and floor. Glass Candy wasn’t supposed to be on until 1am, and there were two other bands opening : Nite Jewel and Twisted Wires, with DJ Mike Simonetti (who owns the label) spinning in between.

Twisted Wires was pretty decent. Nite Jewel was pretty meh. Overall the night was pretty interesting. Definitely outside of my usual indie rock scene – which is a good thing. Exposure to scenes that are new to me is always a plus. Plus, Ida No (Glass Candy’s singer) is adorable.

They kept the room pretty dark all night, with flashes of light illuminating the band periodically. The bass was thumping, people were dancing everywhere, so LPR had rave-like quality all night.

About halfway through Glass Candy’s set, LPR officially made my shit list. When I bellied up to the bar to buy a round of drinks, I was informed of their ridiculous credit/debit card policy. Want to use a card? They’ll hit you with a mandatory 20% gratuity. And then have the balls to print an “Additional tip” line below that on the receipt. Are you fucking serious? What is this, a strip club? You’re already killing me by charging $9 for a Jack and Coke. Now you’re going to make me tip you over $5 for three drinks

Despite all of that, the night was worth it. A different kind of crowd, a different kind of show, lots of balloons and thumping bass. But I know I’ll be kicking myself for staying up till 5am, when I’m dragging ass later this week

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3 Responses to “3/7/09: Glass Candy @ Le Poisson Rouge (44/100)”

  1. Yes, next time. April 2 @ Bowery Electric. Since you seem to prefer Manhattan and expensive drinks, it’s the least we can do. Admission free with sword.

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