3/9/09: Black Lips @ Bowery Ballroom (46/100)

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This show can be summed up in one statement:

I felt like I was the last one to the party, and everyone else had used up all the drugs.

Imagine you were at a show where a guy in the band kept licking his guitar, then spitting into the air and catching it back in his mouth. Then another guy in the band would headbutt the microphone. And all members of the band jumped around like they were possessed, and screamed into microphone completely at random.

Then you would be at a Black Lips show.

Now imagine the venue was super packed, so much so that that you couldn’t see the stage for most of the show. But that’s fine because the band spent half the show crowd surfing in the audience anyhow.

Then you would be at the Black Lips show I saw @ Bowery Monday night.

A show I was lucky to have been at all, since I had to leave straight from work at 11pm – and race to the venue, hoping the Lips hadn’t gone on at 10 or something. Luckily, they had just started their first song when I arrived. Which is good timing for missing opening acts I’ve never heard of, but bad timing for having a decent place to stand and watch the show.

The Black Lips are so fucking weird and whacked out on stage. Sometimes they play real songs, other times things that barely resemble songs. But it totally works. They would probably be boring if it was just them playing their unique brand of “flower punk” pop songs. A Black Lips show is more about the spectacle than the songs. The songs are good. Watching the train wreck is better.

Oh, and there’s also tons of moshing, stage diving, crowd surfing and the like. Yet somehow I feel like this is less of a trend alert and more of the norm at a Black Lips show.

Truthfully, for most of the show I was pretty preoccupied with a big presentation I had first thing in the morning on Tuesday that I didn’t feel I really got all that I could’ve from this show. Yet, even if my mind was clear, and I had arrived early enough to get a decent spot and soak everything in, I’m still not sure that would’ve mattered – since I probably would’ve needed some massive, um, chemical stimulation to really get it. Something that I wouldn’t be doing anyhow, especially not at my advanced age of 32.

All reasons why I felt that I would really like to see the Black Lips again, pretty much immediately after seeing them.

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