3/16/09: Mötley Crüe @ Madison Square Garden (53/100)

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My trip down late 80s memory lane culminated tonight with Mötley Crüe @ The Garden. I have to say, when I started this project, never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would be seeing Public Enemy and Mötley Crüe back-to-back. Two bands that had a huge impact on me growing up. If I had Guns ‘n Roses and/or Pearl Jam lined up for tonight, my head might explode.

This was also my first time at MSG, which is sad considering I’ve been living in NYC for over seven years. But I guess I’m just not a huge NBA fan or NHL fan anymore. Plus, most of the bands I like now don’t play at big arenas. And even if they do, I try and actively avoid this kind of venue. That all adds up to having no reason to go to MSG.

Except maybe the circus. I’d be down for that.

Before the show, Jeremy and I grabbed beers near the arena, packed with dudes who looked they were stripped right out of the movie The Wrestler, and a jukebox that was all Crüe. This is when I felt like I had stepped through some portal back to the late 80s. A time when I only went to arena shows. There was even a guy selling bootleg t-shirts outside the bar on the walk to the arena. Just like old times.

Our goal was the avoid having to pay $9/beer at MSG. But that was before we knew that they came with a snack, like this…

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Around 8:30, we were climbing up to the 200 level to grab our seats – actually pretty excited to see the show. Like P.E., this was a band I grew up loving, but had never seen perform. I realize that I missed them in their heyday, with revolving drumkits, and massive amounts of booze and drugs. And I knew they were going to be an older, and fatter (at least Vince Neil) version of themselves- but they’d still be cranking songs I grew up with.

After 9pm, the house lights cut off, and the shadow of an angel appeared behind the black curtain covering the stage. All I’m thinking is, “Ok, how will they corrupt this angel.” Then a shadow of a devil appeared on the other part of the stage. Hmm, the devil appears to have a really long penis. It looks like the angel is…oh, yep. Wait…it looks like the angel is…yup, the angel is definitely fellating the devil. Ok, so it’s gonna be like that.

The curtain was dropped, and the Crüe started with “Kickstart my Heart.” And there I was, 13 all over again. Except holding a beer. A beer with a pretzel sticking out of it.

They played them all:

“Too fast for love”, “Shout at the Devil”, “Looks that kill”, “Girls, Girls, Girls”, “Wild Side”, and later ones like “Dr. Feelgood” and “Don’t Go Away Mad (Just go away).” Which happens to be about the time I stopped paying listening to them back in the day. And when Jeremy and I ran for a bathroom break/beer refill. This was a discussion we had before they hit the stage: when to go to the bathroom. I said during any new material (which they have. who knew?). Jeremy said during anything off Dr. Feelgood and beyond. Agreed.

During a lot of the shows I’ve seen, I take notes in my iPhone of anything I might want to write about. Here’s the list from last night. It reads like something you write down after some weird nightmare.

Flame testing
Preshow drinks, equivalent to NY tailgating
Angel/devil blow job
Glitter mic stand
Pretzel beers
Porn, dead kids and GWB
Tianamen sq with same old situation?
What’s the equivalent of earplugs for your eyes? I need eyeplugs
Chicks in bikins machine guns Looks that kill
Metal scream
A million lights, production
Sometimes I feel like a piece of shit , then Im reminded of Tommy Lee’s life
VNeil out of breath

I could expand on each one of those ad nauseam, but this post has gone on long enough. Just watch these videos. They say what I can’t

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7 Responses to “3/16/09: Mötley Crüe @ Madison Square Garden (53/100)”

  1. Enjoying the project…you should make plans to catch one of the 40th anniversary Allman Brothers shows at the Beacon. They’ve had some heavy hitters sit in so far, rumor has it that Clapton and Dylan will show up before the end of the run.

  2. oh shit. that sounds great. hmm. have to see what I can do.

  3. Dude, beer/pretzel technology has come so far! Hope that migrates south to OH!

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  5. Derek Constantine says:

    New Motley Crue Photos – http://msg.com/photos/motley-crue-live-at-the-garden/ – The Garden NYC – this night was awesome

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