3/24/09: Ed Kowalczyk (of Live) w/Marcus Congleton (of Ambulance LTD) @ City Winery (61/100)

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Not sure what to say about this one to be honest. It was bizarre in many ways. Mostly due to Ed’s shirt, but more on that later.

First: The show was at City Winery, a new venue that opened up directly across the street from my work. Which is cool. It’s a cool spot where you can buy your own vat and make wine there, in the city. But it costs like $10k or something like that, so I’m not sure who’s doing that – especially in today’s economy. But they have a stage area, too and have been hosting live music, too. Which is cool.

Second: Tonight was a performance from two guys whose bands are/were nothing alike. Ed Kowalczyck, from the 90s band Live, and Marcus Congleton, from the a few years ago band Ambulance LTD. The only connection, I’m guessing, is they were both performing with acoustic guitars. Just not together.

Third: My friend Josh and I went to the show, and proceeded to get way too hammered for a Tuesday night. We started the night getting dinner and talking work. Split a bottle of wine at the show. Added another glass on top of that. Then went out afterwards for whiskey cocktails at Little Branch and tallboy PBRs at Village Tavern after that. Seemed like a good idea at the time, but wtf?!

What I should have done is gone home and packed for my trip, maybe picked up the apartment a little. Oh wait, I did that. Ok, not the cleaning up part, but I did wake up this morning with a wicked hangover…and a fully packed bag. Oh yeah, I sort of remember doing that.

Is it weird to pack your bag 2 days before leaving on a trip? Maybe, but when your spare time doesn’t come often, and is usually late at night, you do what you can, when you can. Either that or I just can’t wait to get the fuck out of Dodge.

Oh, right. The music. Sorry.

The music wasn’t bad. Marcus was good. I hadn’t seen him for a long time, and never without his band Ambulance LTD. Way back when they played at places like the now-defunct Sin-e. Back when I wrote up a review of their original EP for a music website. Back when I was out seeing music, and writing about music. The time I wanted to get back in touch with, and what inspired this project. So, I’m glad he played. But I can’t say that many others in the audience shared that feeling, since not many seemed to know who he was. They were there for their boy Ed, the guy from Live who’s last name I can never spell right, and Josh kept thinking was Kowalksi.

I couldn’t care less about Ed though to be honest. I never liked his band, but whatever. The venue was good, Marcus was good and the Rioja was good. Ed’s shirt on the other hand. That was a bad choice. So was him starting off with “I Alone” I thought. You seriously want to just jump right in with that one? Ok, but it seems a bit of premature if you ask me. But the crowd loved it, so I guess he knows what he’s doing.

Josh used to like Live, he said. Which is fine. He and I only see eye-to-eye on music half the time. I make fun of him for liking Third Eye Blind. He makes fun of me liking math rock. Which is funny because halfway through the night, not even he could deny the lameness of the show – and summed it up nicely when he said, “This is like watching an old movie you used to really like, and then you watch it again and realize it’s not as good.”

Nicely put. We’ll end on that.

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