3/27/09: Lily Allen @ Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London (64/100)

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I see London. Soon I’ll see France. Right I now see my underpants, and socks and button down shirts – and every other piece of clothing that I own in my bag that was grossly over packed for an 8-day trip. So much so that my luggage actually busted open en route. Which I noticed when I got to baggage claim and saw it wide open on the carousel, with my clothes thrown back into it in a heap.

Welcome to London, mate

I made it to Sunshine’s flat around noon, took a quick nap, was up at 4:30pm and was ready to head to tonight’s show around 6:30pm. But first, Sunshine uttered words I never thought I’d hear, “Let’s go to the mall for dinner first.” I guess the Westfield Shopping Centre is brand new, right near the venue, has a bunch of new restaurants and is the biggest mall in the UK. But I grew up a 10-minute drive from the biggest mall in America, so there.

We jump on the bus to Shepherd’s Bush and as we step on, it hits us like a punch in the face: the overbearing smell of urine. What the what?! Where is that coming fr…oh, right there. That homeless guy. Damn it was unbelievable – and apparently, something the Brits aren’t that used to. To me it just smells like the E train. But each person that walked onto the bus, immediately covered their nose, opened up windows, and outwardly complained. A group of teenage girls took it a step further, screaming and yelling about how bad it is until the driver stopped and forced the man off the bus.

We finally escaped the pee bus, grabbed a quick dinner at the mall, and then headed over to Shepherd’s Bush Empire.

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There were balcony level tickets and floor tickets. We were on the floor, where I like it. Thanks so much to Jeanne and Amy at EMI for hooking me up with these. I would imagine a Lily Allen ticket in London is a sought after ticket, especially considering how packed it was.

We checked our coats and grabbed a Tuborg, a difficult beer to order two of without sounding like you’re stuttering (try saying, “Two Tuborgs” in a loud club). Ten minutes later, Lily took the stage and the crowd went nuts. London loves Lily. A young 18+ London, mind you.

Somehow, we got stuck behind a fortress of tall people. I could see, but Sunshine couldn’t. This being my first ever show in London, I didn’t know what to expect. What would the crowd be like? Did people take pictures like in NY? Would people be dancing? Pissed drunk? Nice or rude about being jam packed together? The answer turned out to be all of the above. It was pretty much like a NY show, only with way more people take pictures with their cameras and phones.

I tried to push myself closer to the stage a few songs in, to try and snap off some shots, but was met with the same sort of resistance I get in NY. Halfway through I noticed a pocket open up, and move into it – putting us the middle of a sea of young people, dancing. But finally we could both see, and even though it was crowded, it was never all that annoying. Just fun.

Lily seemed to be enjoying herself, too. Thanking the crowd, it was nice to be back in London, pointing to and giving a shout out to her Mom up on the balcony level. She was feeling it. So was I, quite frankly. It was a blast. I don’t really listen to Lily that much, but it doesn’t matter. It was a fun show, in a great venue, on the first night of my vacation.

When it was over, the place cleared out slowly. We waited while hundreds mobbed the coat check, and in return for our patience, were rewarded with the best story of the night. Sunshine was in the bathroom when the Empire staff opened up a stall, and found a young woman on the toilet – completely passed out cold, unconscious. What do they do with her? What else? They laid her on the floor of the bathroom. Yes, on the floor of a bathroom at a rock club. Then, to add insult to injury, her friend began yelling, “Get the fuck up! Come on! Wake the fuck up!” She didn’t hear her

What a way to end a night.

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4 Responses to “3/27/09: Lily Allen @ Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London (64/100)”

  1. elvis from tennessee says:

    sounds fun.

  2. maybe someone opened your bag, otherwise the zipper would have broke. better check your items. if anything is gone you have to report it within 24 hrs or so

  3. Everything appears to be there. The zipper had a little snag in it that I noticed when packing. oh well. i think i need a better bag…or to pack less than everything I own.

  4. Amy (EMI) says:

    Great stuff.
    So happy to have been of assistance.

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