4/6/09: The Mess Around @ Pianos (74/100)

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New York punk rock is fun. Ok, punk rock in general is fun. If I had a punk band, I’d probably name them Three Chord Monte. In fact, I’d be surprised if there wasn’t a band named that already. If not, and you start one after reading this, gimme props.

The Mess Around are a band I’d like to start. A fun, three chord garage punk band that was clearing just having fun at Pianos tonight. I guess when you’re doing a free Monday night show with about 20 people in the room, and you’re playing short punk songs, is there any other way? Me think not.

I hadn’t heard of The Mess Around before tonight. I was getting back into the NY state of mind, where I scour the sites of any number of venues within walking distance of my place, and probably see something decent. You know, not have to transfer three times on the London or Paris metro. That’s one good thing about being back in NYC.

So it was between this show and a show at Zebulon, which is a venue I need to get out to for a show. They have a lot of interesting world music. But tonight, I needed something easy and close. The Mess Around were going on at 9pm, and the songs on their myspace page sounded high energy. Good enough for me.

When I got there, I wasn’t sure if they were doing a sound check or what, because they were definitely playing, but there was no one in the room. Curiosity (or pity?) made me go check it out. A few people followed behind. They were in fact playing their first song – a song that the bass player and lead guitar both broke strings during. And the lead singer/guitar player was out of tune during. Not a bad way to start off a Monday gig.

But they just laughed it off. Setting the tone for who they are, and what the show would be like. Think The Ramones, The Clash, The Misfits and Sex Pistols and there you go. Except these guys seemed like nice, normal guys. In fact, go to Pandora.com right now, create a new station using The Ramones as the band, and what follows is pretty much what this show sounded like.

Or, you can watch this:

I have no idea what their songs were about, called, or what any of the lyrics were.There may have been something about a girl in there somewhere. They were just too fucking loud to know for sure. And I was sitting right next to the stage, with my earplugs jammed into my ears (just in case).

Sitting there listening to The Mess Around tonight made me miss my band a little. We had one song that was a three chord monte like these guys. It was dumb and fun to play and we could’ve gone that direction, and I probably wouldn’t have been ok with it at the time. But looking back, who cares, right? At least we would’ve been playing shows, inviting friends to come out, and just fucking around. But alas, it was not to be. I’m too old for that shit. But The Mess Around are not (although the singer did say some of the guys were over 30, so they needed more breaks during the set).

They were still able to have fun and fuck shit up. Not like unskilled amateurs, but like a bunch of guys acting like teenagers. Think of it this way: their myspace tagline is “Shake ’till you shit yourself,” and some of their songs are titled, “Drunken Words”, “Trainwreck” and “Dance All Night.” So, obviously they aren’t songs you have to overanalyze or think too hard about. Just tap your foot, nod your head, and let it be what it is. Which is always a good reminder. That at the end of the day, it’s music. It’s ok to have fun with it.

And shake your ass ’till you shit your pants.

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