4/8/09: Chris Cornell @ Webster Hall (76/100)

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I wasn’t looking California, but I was feeling Minnesota. And by the time I got to Webster Hall to see Chris Cornell, I was growing hungry. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. But it is true. I hadn’t eaten anything for dinner and was starving. But there was no time for food. See, as I was about to leave work today, to head out and see some band, somewhere, then get home and get a good night’s sleep, I got this text from Al:

I was hoping to see Bob Mould tonight, but the show was sold out and I couldn’t find my way in. So like I said, I was going to just see whoever was playing at The Living Room or Cake Shop or whatever. Then, once again, my boy Al came through (they were his friend Tony’s tickets. Thanks Tony). Chris Cornell? Nice! I never saw Soundgarden back in the day, and while I know it won’t be the same thing, I was excited.

We had to pick up the tix uptown, then head back downtown to Webster Hall. When we got to the venue, it was fucking packed. And packed full of dudes who wanted to rock the hell out. Who knew Chris Cornell could still sell out? Not me, until then.

Al and I took one look around and realized, we weren’t getting any closer than we were. Behind the back bar – backs against the wall. Fine with me. But I did have to try and snap off some photos. So I tried like hell to claw my way closer to the stage. Fuck that. Wasn’t happening. I got about 15 feet back and no one was moving anywhere for me. It was shoulder-to-testosterone-shoulder.

I battled my way back to where Al had set up camp behind the bar. And then I went back in time. It was 1991 all over again. I never saw Soundgarden, but now I sort of, kind of, feel like I have. Cornell looked similar to he did in the ’90s: long hair, long cut off shorts, combat boots, etc. And he was running through every Soundgarden hit you’d want to hear: Outshined, Spoonman, Rusty Cage, Blow Up the Outside World, Jesus Christ Pose, Black Hole Sun (acoustic). Even throwing in Hunger Strike (Temple of the Dog) and Cochise (Audioslave) for good measure.

The only thing missing was a huge mosh pit. But I think it was just too crowded for that. Or maybe everyone was moshing, but there was nowhere to go because it was so packed? Not sure.

In a word, this show was: awesome. I don’t care if 90s grunge music is like classic rock now. I don’t care that it was Chris and a bunch of hired guns, not Kim Thayil, Matt Cameron and the other dude in Soundgarden. He was taking me back in time, and I was loving it.

What I wasn’t sure about was the crowd. It was weird. I guess I didn’t know who the Chris Cornell fans were these days. And that’s not say that everyone was bad, not by a long shot. But it was a strange mix of people, that’s all. Here’s a story to illustrate one type.

After the show, Al and I stopped off at Blue 9 Burger for a quick bite. Then we hear some commotion behind us. It’s some aggro dude getting in the face of a guy sitting down eating his burger. I don’t know what happened, but from what I could surmise, the aggro dude did something then apologized. The dude eating didn’t acknowledge that this a-hole said he was sorry, and so he wanted to fight him. Seems reasonable, right? He got all up in his face, yelling at him, saying they should take it outside. To which the other guy responded, “Dude, you have a mental problem.” And he’s right. He did.

Al pointed out that, “he’s wearing a wristband from the show.” So this is the kind of guy at the Chris Cornell show. Or at least, one type of guy. But who gives a shit. It was a great show, and fun trip down memory lane, thanks Al, and Tony, and most importantly, Chris Cornell.

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3 Responses to “4/8/09: Chris Cornell @ Webster Hall (76/100)”

  1. Love the text screen shot. Nice touch!

    Good times last night!!

  2. good times indeed

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