The 5th Wren


Ok, things just got interesting in the 100 Bands project. Check this out.

I did my thing where I try and get in touch with a band I want to see. This time, the band was The Wrens, who are playing at Bell House tonight. The show is sold out, so I wanted to know about getting on the guest list. First I got this response, from their publicist Naomi:

Hey Nick,
I heard back from the band, and we will be able to get you on the list for the show. Kevin from the Wrens loved the project and asked that you introduce yourself at the show. Have a great time! Good luck making it to 100 days!

Then I got a separate email from Kevin, in the band:

How are you?
My name is kevin and i’m the guy who plays the bass in the wrens…..
First off, i just think your idea of a 100 days of music is beyond cool…. such a clever idea…. looking forward to meeting you on friday as well….. i know Naomi has set it up that you are on the guest list..

Listen, i have another idea for you and your rock journey… we do this thing called the 5th wren… its where someone joins us on stage for a song and plays a bit of the song… it would be a lot of fun to have you be the guest on friday…

trust me… it is BEYOND easy… as a matter-o-fact… all you have to do is literally “tap” three white keys on the piano…. if you play piano then great.. but if you can’t…. then it DOES NOT matter…my motto is, if you can point, then you can play piano………. also… i will mark the keys so you will know which ones to press…. we can also give a shout out to what you are doing….

it will be during the song Hopeless which we usually play towards the end of the set…. let me know what you think and i’ll give you a few more details….


Really? I’m playing a song with a real band on a real night, in front of a sold out crowd? I haven’t heard back again from Kevin today, but I’m getting nervous already. Check back for the full story

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5 Responses to “The 5th Wren”

  1. amazing. i feel like this is why we owe it to ourselves to take chances on these sorts of projects. when you follow through on an idea – so often unforeseen and unforgettable opportunities present themselves. congrats and good luck tonight. hopeless is an awesome track.

  2. Paul Sewards says:

    Brilliant stuff, love the project and crazy cool the Wrens are giving you the shoutout you deserve. Looking forward to hearing what happens tonight

  3. You did great job tonight!

  4. thought you did a fantastic job. :)

  5. thanks so much. what a great night.

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