1/26/09: Mother/Father @ Arlene’s Grocery (4/100)

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Oh man, I am doing this all wrong. I have got to go see some real bands or this whole experiment will be a waste of time and money. Not to mention a complete bore to read. Listen: I know it’s a Monday at Arlene’s Grocery, the free night. But damn, I really hope this is the worst show I see for the next 96 days becuz if not, then I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do it.

Mother/Father was a last second change when Eric decided to tag along. It was his birthday, so I let him choose. Made no different to me really. Plus, Sleepy Rebels are more of the kind of band you go see with your girlfriend. It wasn’t until about, oh I don’t know…one song into Mother/Father’s set when I realized they are the kind of band you take your girlfriend to see when you really hate your girlfriend, or want to break up with her.

Simply put: Mother/Father was awful. I’m not going to parse words here, or waste anyone’s time. There just wasn’t a single genuine or interesting thing about them. It was truly amazing. I mean, I looked at their myspace page earlier in the day, and they have what looks like a real, legit tour. Sadly, that tour should’ve been like 10 years ago when they might’ve been able to ride the Interpol/Killers/Bravery gravy train to mediocrity. 

Apart from the enthusiastic guitar #2 (who strangely looked like a young J. Mascis, making this experience even weirder), they just didn’t have much…of anything. It was just five dudes in all black, tight jeans, long black hair, with no idea and no POV. It’s not enough to just dress the right way or have the right ethereal synth sound. The songs have to go somewhere and do something.

After the show, Eric gave me $20 and said, “Please, go buy a ticket to a real show this week.” Understanding that if I continue down this trajectory, I will shoot myself in the foot before I even get started.

So this is my pledge to anyone reading this: I intend to go see as many established bands as I can on this journey. Someone you’ve heard of and want to read about. Bcuz in the end, yes, it is going to be tough to see 100 bands in a row. And there are bound to be some stinkers and whatevers in there for sure. But in NYC, I have got to be able to do a lot better than this.  


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6 Responses to “1/26/09: Mother/Father @ Arlene’s Grocery (4/100)”

  1. I think we were at different shows. Those guys ruled!

  2. ok, got two shows for you. i’m going to both and they are free. neither suck like mother/father. the band on friday i’ve seen many times. really good. they show at john varvatos store i’ve only seen only song and they were really fun. very dirty rock and roll…hence the name i guess.

    friday, jan 30th – right on dynamite (from bklyn, indie rock, just toured with frightened rabbit) @ pianos – set time tbd

    thursday, feb 5th – dirty pearls (friend of mine manages them, kind of buckcherry-ish) @ jon varvatos store (315 bowery – the old CB’s spot) – set time 9p

    let me know if you are down.

    hang in there and keep on rocking. you can do this!

  3. sounds cool. i’ll be in touch about both. thanks.

  4. Thankfully, Los Campesinos! is coming up. As we know, they are a guaranteed good time and even the most wizened concertgoer can’t help but give a satisfied shuffle when You! Me! Dancing! is played.

    I am thoroughly impressed with this endeavor.

  5. I’m laughing my ass off. Maybe you should listen to 100 CD’s in 100 days from the comfort of your apartment! Just pump in some crowd noise, invite too many people over for a small cramped apartment and hire a bartender that only gets drinks for the hot girls!

    Good luck Head. I do hope you see some good bands.

  6. [...] some pre-show grinders, and then made our way to the Bowery. Mother Mother (not to be confused with Mother/Father) was already on when we got there, so we quickly headed upstairs. I have to say, Mother Mother was [...]

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