4/23/09: Darwin Deez @ Pianos (91/100)

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I walked like a zombie toward Pianos tonight. Must…see…music…but…want…sleep. Another late night at work. Left at 11. Darwin Deez was supposed to go on around 11:40. Naturally, they didn’t go on until after midnight. I got there around 11:20, so a band named Thing One was on stage. I have no idea what the fuck they were all about. They were a sight to see, if nothing else.

The singer was jumping around, bouncing and shaking like he was possessed. But his look and enthusiasm didn’t really match the music. It was weird. The band looked like four totally different guys on four totally different pages. I couldn’t figure it out. The singer was a real singer, like Seal or something. But he looked like a jock, and wore a Grateful Dead t-shirt, and skinny headband. I was seriously confused. Still am.

Ok, speaking of skinny headbands. What the fuck is up with this new trend on guys? I get it on women, but both guy lead singers in the bands tonight wore skinny headbands, like this, except on a guy. Not sure if this is going to make it to the level of singers with drumsticks and extra floor toms, but I’ll be keeping an eye out. Might be a new thing. Or an old thing and I’m just noticing.

Thing One finally got off stage just after midnight, making way for Darwin and his bandmates to take the stage in their ironic outfits. They kicked off the show sort of perfectly for them: to a choreographed dance to the Peanut Butter Jelly Time song. Pretty funnny. Then transitioned into an upbeat song the people in the front row immediately began dancing to.

Most of the people in the crowd seemed like Darwin Deez veterans, and they came to dance. Especially the guy who grabbed the tambourine from the stage, and danced with it – in time – all night, as if he was a member of the band. Darwin didn’t seem to mind.

The show as fun, pure and simple. The songs were pretty simple and guitar-driven, geeky, art school indie rock. Sure, there was level of pretentiousness cloaked in irony. But it just seemed like young NYU/art school kids having fun being in a band. I’m not going to give them shit about that. I’m an old fart compared to them. And I’ve seen too many bands in the past 3 months for this to faze me. I just kicked back, listened, shot pics, and smiled.

They ended their very short, 30-minute-ish set to another full band dance number. Not sure about the song this time. Not sure if matters. It was 12:30 and I was fucking beat. But not too tired to say a few words to Darwin and grab a CD before hopping in a cab home.

91 down

9 to go

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