4/24/09: Headlights w/The Love Language @ The Bell House (92/100)

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I think they were just trying to get rid of the beer and booze leftover from our Founder’s Day party at work earlier in the month, since this email went out around noon today:

So naturally, we all pretty much gave up on getting anymore work done for the day at exactly 3:35pm. That meant a long, hazy night ahead. I was going to see Headlights at The Bell House, but probably not until after 11pm. I was actually going to try and get there a bit early, since my friend Francis was getting there to check out the opening band, The Love Language. Any band Francis is checking out is good enough for me.

But first, work beers. Then after work beers. Then more beers after that. Then a $25 cab ride from the West Village to Gowanus, Brooklyn. That’s one unfortunate side effect of the end of this project: I’ve gotten lazy. I’m even taking cabs back and forth between the LES and my apartment, and that’s a 10 minute walk. I’m clearly running out of steam.


I arrived at the Bell House a bit later than expected, with a nearly dead iPhone and a healthy buzz. Met up
with Francis and his posse pretty much right away. The Love Language was already on, and I was liking what I was hearing. And there were a shitload of people on stage. I guess it was Love Langauge and Headlights, doing it Broken Social Scene style with like 10 people up there. It was good, catchy, carefree indie rock – which apparently not a lot of NYers cared to listen to tonight, sadly. The venue was pretty empty.

But who cares. I was glad to be there. The band sounded great, and Headlights was due up next. They hit the stage around midnight, I think. Maybe a bit before. I have their record Some Racing, Some Stopping and it’s pretty good, but I truthfully don’t know them that well. And sometimes, that’s the best way to go into a show: no expectations.

And they were good. The place may not have been packed, but they brought their sweet, indie pop like it was. I was digging it. I mean, again, not the greatest band in the world, but you could do a lot worse. The guitar and bass players switched instruments, which I always like. They even played a song with nothing but accordions and keyboards. I think. Or was it jsut the guitar player playing the accordion? Can’t remember (see beginning of this entry for clues as to why).

At the end of their set Love Language returned the favor from earlier in the night and joined Headlights on stage. Then the band called it a night. And soon afterwards, so did I.


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