1/28/09 Annuals @ Bowery Ballroom (6/100)

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Where do I start? How about the end:

(all times are approx.)

12:11 Annuals walk off stage. House lights turn on.

12:10 Thanks New York…

11:58 The Annuals are ending with a wimper, not a bang

11: 52 They play one of their best songs (“Carry Around”) second to last. Not sure I care anymore. They lost me about an hour ago.

11:42pm Update Facebook status: Nick is wondering if encores are optional – I need to decide on a ruling here.

11:40 Encore break.

11:38 [yawn]


11:30 Good song: “Brother” ruined by the singer spitting (spit? water?) toward the crowd to punctuate the end. Less emotion, more arrogance.

11:21 Oh man, sooooo much vocal wailing. Does every other word really need to be this epic, painful and gut-wrenching? Is this the new genesis of emo happening before my eyes?

11:12 Update Facebook status: Nick is zzzzz @ Annuals

11:11 I look around. Half the crowd looks bored. Why are they all here? Are there people making themselves go to shows, like me?

10:49 “Are you having fun yet?” asks the singer(weak crowd response) I said, are you having fun yet? Scream louder!” he pleads (whiney, snotty – not fun, pleasant)

10:45-11:21 A lot of songs I don’t understand. Arrangements that just seem flat and boring. A lot of instrumentation, sure. But the songwriting is just not there.

10:35-10:40 Great intro. Double drum sets is always great. Add two more toms to that and it’s super tribal and percussive. So far so good.

10:31 Annuals are off the side of the stage. They’re going to start on time. Perfect. It’s not super packed. Maybe half full? (I’m optimistic, for now).

10:26 A lot of people with cameras crowd the front row. Some actual photogs, some just people with cameras.

10:15 The ticket guy downstairs says, “Annuals will be on in 15 minutes.” Nice and prompt. I like that.

10:14 Get to the Bowery Ballroom, show my ID and get a wristband. It doesn’t rip any hairs out of my arm. Bonus.

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