1/30/09: Right On Dynamite @ Pianos (8/100)

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My friend Al emailed me earlier in the week about some shows he was going to check out. This being the first of two. He said his cousin plays in this band Right On Dynamite, who just got off tour with Frightened Rabbit. I checked out their myspace page and it sounded good to me. Let’s do it. 

We hit up Motor City, a dingy dive bar on the LES, before the show. On my walk over, I text my buddy Charlie who used to live across the street. Here’s how that went down:


Unfortunately, I went before I left my apartment. Sorry Chuck. 

Al and I grabbed a drink, and then headed over to Pianos to catch the show. We catch the end of the band before them (Shit, I can’t remember their name. Someone let me know, cuz I’d like to see them some time). Al introduces me to the band before they hit the stage. Nice guys, nice vibe in the room. Fun, relaxed. 

Right On Dynamite hit the stage: Daniel on guitar/vox, Nicholas on bass/vox and Jon on drums. Their music is poppy, lo-fi and somewhat unpolished (at least, live) with slightly overdriven, bright guitar. Fun and simple vocal hooks and basslines. Solid, simple drums. Basically, the formula that Built to Spill made a career out of. And believe me, the similarities between these two bands don’t end there.

So I’m nodding along, digging the vibe, and so is the crowd. Then after a song or two, Nicholas calls me out! I guess Al must’ve told him about the project, and he wanted to tell the crowd (and the rest of the band). He says, “I want to talk about Al’s friend Nick over there. (pointing me out) He’s going to see 100 bands in 100 nights, and we’re band number eight. Really cool idea.” Daniel, says “Wow. I love the number eight. We are the octopus.”

Indeed they are. An octopus of  musical good times, like this guy. Right on, Right On Dynamite. I had a blast. Thanks for making eight, great.

Man that was a corny way to end.

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6 Responses to “1/30/09: Right On Dynamite @ Pianos (8/100)”

  1. Saw them open for Frightened Rabbit in Champaign. Wasn’t expecting much at all. They were quite good.

  2. that was a corny way to end. who are you seeing tonight?

  3. whoever this is, i appreciate your comments and interest. but please post with a name that’s not offensive, like the one i have deleted.

  4. Sally Head was the band before ROD.

  5. cool, thanks.

  6. [...] People were dancing, jumping around, having a great time and I was just loving it. I saw ROD on day 8 of the project, and they sounded just as good, if not better this time around. They were super [...]

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