2/8/09: Pete and J @ Rockwood Music Hall (17/100)

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Sunday nights are tough. I don’t want to go out and listen to music on Sunday night. I don’t even want to leave my apartment, to be honest. Sunday is a down day for me. But, I got myself into this mess, so I have to do go through with it. That’s why I tried to knock out today’s show at the Living Room at 1pm. They were having an event called “kidrockers” with Jeffrey Lewis, who I like and have never seen. And it’s an early show so I’d be done for the day by like 2pm. Perfect. That means an evening of chillaxin.

So I head over there, step into the Living Room, and it’s like it had been transformed into a daycare. Kids running around everywhere. But I guess that’s the idea: to host bands for parents who want to go out and see bands on Ludlow on a Friday or Saturday night, but can’t because they have kids. So I walk up to pay, only to be completely stymied by the woman working the door who sees I’m obviously without child.

Her:  Hi, are you on the guest list of either of the bands?

Me:   No. 

Her:  Oh, did you bring a kid? 

Me:  No.

Her:  Then I’m sorry, but you can’t come in. You have to bring a kid. It doesn’t have to be your kid, but you have to bring a kid. 

Me:  Shit.

Her:  And that’s why. 

We laugh. She at me. Me at how ridiculous this rule is. I mean, I guess it makes sense. Otherwise it sort of defeats the purpose if the place fills up with people who can go to shows on the weekend nights. But I’m still fuming that I have to go see a show later on still. I think for a second about maybe explaining the project I’m doing, but figure the response would be “Well, we have bands playing later on.” So I leave, annoyed.

Fast forward about five hours and I’m walking back toward The Living Room to see whoever the hell is playing the 7pm time slot. At this point, I really don’t care. I just want to knock it out and get back to my couch. It’s been another long week of music and I just want an evening to catch up on doing nothing.

On the walk over, I decide to check out Rockwood Music Hall’s website to see what they have going on (Suck it, Living Room). As turns out, they have Pete and J, an act I was thinking of seeing next month. The show is part of a series called “Second Sundays at Rockwood Music Hall” hosted by Danielle Gasparro. It’s on the second Sunday of each month, and one part performance, one part Q&A. The artists sit on stage, Danielle asks them about their career, they play songs, she asks more questions, they play more songs…et cetera, et cetera. 

There’s no cover and only a one drink minimum. I get a Shiraz and settle in. It’s really chill, Pete and J talk about how they met, formed, being musicians, writing songs — blah blah blah. They play some songs. Pleasant, relaxing, Sunday night kind of songs, and then it’s over. I remember reading a comparison (or at least inspiration) to Simon and Garfunkel somewhere. And I don’t know, maybe. J’s hair could be compared to Garfunkel’s, I guess. Anyhow, that was pretty much that. A small, intimate evening with some nice quiet musicians. I talked to them for a few minutes afterwards and they seemed interested in the project – and couldn’t resist reminding me that it was really ambitious. 

Yeah, no shit.

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4 Responses to “2/8/09: Pete and J @ Rockwood Music Hall (17/100)”

  1. very ambitious. don’t die on us now

  2. Inspiration:

  3. hahahaha. nice. i might get to a point where i need inspiration from bon jovi

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