2/11/09: Lissy Trullie @ Mercury Lounge (20/100)

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I’m in love with Lissy Trullie and I don’t care who knows. She’s hot, can write a great song, covers Hot Chip, plays a mean Strat and has cool hair. She even sounds better live than on her EP - so she’s not a phony. 

This was definitely one of those shows where you felt in on something. There was an electricity. Lissy has been getting a lot of hype, and it was the EP release party, so I guess there’s that. And Lissy definitely attracts a fashionista/designer/model crowd – so there’s also that. I don’t know, it just felt to me like one of those shows when you see a band right before they’re about to get big. Not arena rock big, or That Thing You Do big. (Can that even happen anymore?) But you know what I’m saying. It reminded me of about a year or so ago when I saw The Dodos, also at the Mercury Lounge, sold out on a Tuesday. And the next thing I knew, they were everywhere. 

An oddball band named Linfinity was opening. I was actually looking forward to seeing them, and they didn’t disappoint. But, the thing is, you couldn’t get a band further away from Lissy. Linfinity was like a cross between the Arcade Fire and w/Neil Young. No, wait. That’s too literal. They were more like a cross between Deadwood and Carnivale. But they were solid. They took you to a creepy place. But a creepy place that was fun to visit. Plus, they gave away their EP for free. Respect.

Their set ended and I had step outside for some fresh air. It was about a billion degrees in there. On the way out, I ran into a co-worker of mine, Lindsay, who was there with a friend. So that’s cool, more people I know at a show. This journey might not be as lonesome as I imagined. 

The moment I stepped outside is when I realized the true representation of the hipster kingdom at the Merc tonight. The line to get in looked like a line outside a Martin Margiela tent in Bryant Park. I do recall Timeout NY writing that, “Andy Warhol would’ve loved Lissy Trullie.” So I guess that explains the hipper than thou crowd gathered tonight. Which is why I posted this on FB:


When is it not Fashion Week in NY? But I digress.

Lissy hit the stage a little after 11p to a sold out, shoulder-to-sweaty-shoulder crowd on a Wednesday  night. Good for her. The only downside I guess is that she doesn’t actually have enough songs to fill more than a 30-40 set. She banged through all her songs on her debut EP, and some others, and was wrapped up around 11:45p. She thanked her band, her management, friends, family, etc for all their support in getting the EP done.

And then she was gone.

I picked up a copy of her EP, and then so was I.

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  1. She has more than enough actually. Dunno why she didn’t play them. Maybe her new bassist wasn’t rehearsed enough…

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