2/15/09: Los Campesinos! w/Titus Andronicus (24/100)

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Me! Los Campesinos! Titus Andronicus! 

Sunday night shows are way better when you have Monday off. But this was far from Saturday part deux for me. I was drinking water. I felt old and lame (and totally okay with it), but it wasn’t just because of the water. Bowery Ballroom was teeming with the youth of America. Turns out, this was a 16+ show – and it was sold out. But first…

Me! Laundry! Errands! 

That’s what I did before the show tonight. Hells yeah, a nice lazy Sunday. No Magnolia though. I was hoping for a nice, easy Sunday night as well, but Titus Andronicus and Los Campesinos! wouldn’t have any part of that.

Me! Shoes! Sidewalk! 

I dragged my ass off the couch around 8:30 and popped over to the Bowery. I love the Bowery, not just because it sounds great, and it’s just the right size. But because it’s only three blocks from my apartment.

Me! Lauren! Foster! 

I met up with my friend Lauren from work at Bowery. She alerted me to the show, so props for that. I saw Los Camp last year at Bowery, and they were definitely worth seeing again. As I waited for Titus to open things up, another friend, Foster, sent me a text saying he was on his way. Sweet. Maybe this project won’t be as lonely as I imagined. I seem to be running into people at shows all the time.

Titus! Moshing! Green Day! 

The Titus set can be best summed up by their last song, a cover of Green Day’s “Good Riddance (Time of your Life)” – seriously. This was their last show on their tour with Los Camp, and they were feeling a bit emotional about it. Listen: this is a fucking cheesy-ass song, no joke. But for some reason, it wasn’t a bad choice. I was hoping there was a touch of irony in them playing it, but they seemed really genuine. They meant it, and played in an anthemic way. Again, I feel old and lame…

As for the rest of the set before, this is a band to see live, for sure. (FYI: They sound nothing like their last song). The record sounds good, but doesn’t hold a match to their live set. Patrick Stickles, does his best Johnny Rotten, while the band thrashes. Titus was much better than I expected, and truly seemed to be having the time of their lives. 

You! Me! Waiting! 

Titus ended. Los Camp set up. I found Foster and his friend just a few people in front of me. As we waited, I mentioned a few trends I’ve noticed going to see bands every night. Here are a few hints…

Moshing! Crowd surfing! Singers with drumsticks! 

Read the Week #3 wrap up for more. 

Los Campesinos! Finally! Singing! 

They hit the stage and cranked out a few tracks from the new record, which I’m not as fond of as their first LP and EP before that. There are some good songs, but cover-to-cover, it falls a bit short for me. Honestly, these guys are twee as all hell, but that’s to be expected.

As the set continues, they work their way backwards from the new record, to the original EP. They hit all the crowd favorites, tell a story about a lost passport, say how much they love Titus, American audiences and so on. Titus’ Stickles runs on stage at one point, stage diving into the crowd, crawling his way back onto the stage, and then hugging Los Camp singer Gareth until they finish the song – not ever wanting to let go. A fitting end to the night considering how after Los Camp was done, and the band had left the stage, Stickles was still standing. Never wanting to go home. 

You! Me! Leaving!

Good night.

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2 Responses to “2/15/09: Los Campesinos! w/Titus Andronicus (24/100)”

  1. For the record, the song Stickles rushed the stage to sing with Los Campesinos was the title track from “We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed.” And the only part he sang/screamed was the “Oh, WE KID OURSELVES THERE’S FUTURE IN THE FUCKING/BUT THERE IS NO FUCKING FUTURE…” part, before jumping into the crowd. It was a pretty genius moment.

  2. totally genius. thanks for clearing that up, foster

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