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4/14/09: Flight of the Conchords @ Radio City Music Hall (82/100)

April 15th, 2009

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(Please read the following with two different New Zealand accents in your head)

There was some singing. Yes, some singing. And also some talking too. Yes, in between singing there was also talking. But it was mostly singing. Right, mostly singing of songs. There was some mutha’ucka ‘uckin’ with my shit. Actually, it was the seat, not the shit. Right. It was some mutha’ucka, ‘uckin’ with my seat.

(Please stop reading with New Zealand accents, that’s a bit weird. Yes, a bit weird.)

Ok, that was bad. I apologize. But I couldn’t help it. Flight of the Conchords’ humor is so simple, it makes you feel like anyone can do it. But they can’t. Or, rather I can’t. Being apart of the they, that is.


But I can sit and laugh at these two funny mutha’uckas crank out awesomely absurd songs in really great seats thanks to Francis and Sub Pop. ‘Ucking fantastic seats actually. So close that my buddy Thomas and I saw a guy a couple rows in front of me bolt from his seat, jump up on stage, and run clear across it and then get grabbed by two security guys on the other side. Ok, I’m sure everyone at Radio City saw that. But I saw the smile on his face as he jumped out of his chair. I imagine he was thinking, “Fuck it. They played the songs I wanted. Might as well go out with a bang.”

Not a bad idea. Maybe I should’ve done that. Would’ve made for a great story here. No, I’m too much of a coward. Instead, you get my feeble attempts at New Zealand humor. And awestruck comments about Radio City Music Hall. You don’t remember me making those? That’s because I haven’t done it yet.

I am always amazed by Radio City Music Hall. So amazingly beautiful. It makes me want to dress up just visiting it. Even makes me want to take a picture of the bathrooms it’s so impressive. Which I didn’t do of course, that would be weird. The other nice thing about a show at Radio City? Shows there start on time.

When it says that Kristen Schaal (Mel on the show) os going on at 8pm, she goes on at 8pm. I was secretly hoping she would be in character as Mel. But she was funny doing her stand up, nonetheless And then,when she was done, she introduced Flight of the Conchords and they came right out. No waiting around at Radio City. I like it.

But not as much as I liked the show. Which was nothing short of brilliant. Think about it. It’s two guys (ok, one other guy on cello on half the songs) commanding a huge, beautiful room of about 6,000. A room that looks like this:


They played all of the best songs from the show. Opening with “Too Many Dicks on the Dancefloor.” And continuing on with “Bowie,” “Business Time,” “I’m Not Crying,” Robots,” “Mutha’uckas” and so on, and so forth. Still so funny out of context of the show, and often stripped down with just them and their guitars.

The Conchords crushed it, I thought. Like I said, being able to command a room like that with dry humor and silly acoustic songs is amazing. Maybe they weren’t intimidated, but I know I’m humbled just walking into Radio City. A huge, leggy blond of a building. The most beautiful venue on the street. Depending on the street.