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2/11/09: Lissy Trullie @ Mercury Lounge (20/100)

February 12th, 2009

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I’m in love with Lissy Trullie and I don’t care who knows. She’s hot, can write a great song, covers Hot Chip, plays a mean Strat and has cool hair. She even sounds better live than on her EP - so she’s not a phony. 

This was definitely one of those shows where you felt in on something. There was an electricity. Lissy has been getting a lot of hype, and it was the EP release party, so I guess there’s that. And Lissy definitely attracts a fashionista/designer/model crowd – so there’s also that. I don’t know, it just felt to me like one of those shows when you see a band right before they’re about to get big. Not arena rock big, or That Thing You Do big. (Can that even happen anymore?) But you know what I’m saying. It reminded me of about a year or so ago when I saw The Dodos, also at the Mercury Lounge, sold out on a Tuesday. And the next thing I knew, they were everywhere. 

An oddball band named Linfinity was opening. I was actually looking forward to seeing them, and they didn’t disappoint. But, the thing is, you couldn’t get a band further away from Lissy. Linfinity was like a cross between the Arcade Fire and w/Neil Young. No, wait. That’s too literal. They were more like a cross between Deadwood and Carnivale. But they were solid. They took you to a creepy place. But a creepy place that was fun to visit. Plus, they gave away their EP for free. Respect.

Their set ended and I had step outside for some fresh air. It was about a billion degrees in there. On the way out, I ran into a co-worker of mine, Lindsay, who was there with a friend. So that’s cool, more people I know at a show. This journey might not be as lonesome as I imagined. 

The moment I stepped outside is when I realized the true representation of the hipster kingdom at the Merc tonight. The line to get in looked like a line outside a Martin Margiela tent in Bryant Park. I do recall Timeout NY writing that, “Andy Warhol would’ve loved Lissy Trullie.” So I guess that explains the hipper than thou crowd gathered tonight. Which is why I posted this on FB:


When is it not Fashion Week in NY? But I digress.

Lissy hit the stage a little after 11p to a sold out, shoulder-to-sweaty-shoulder crowd on a Wednesday  night. Good for her. The only downside I guess is that she doesn’t actually have enough songs to fill more than a 30-40 set. She banged through all her songs on her debut EP, and some others, and was wrapped up around 11:45p. She thanked her band, her management, friends, family, etc for all their support in getting the EP done.

And then she was gone.

I picked up a copy of her EP, and then so was I.

2/10/09: And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead @ SPIN House Live [SPIN mag office] (19/100)

February 11th, 2009

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Before I start, I have to comment on something. Some of my posts, Fbook updates and Tweets may lead some people to believe this project is beating me down. But let it be known that I am still loving it. That’s just me complaining and feeling sorry for myself. Please keep reading. I love you all. How much? This much.

Nothing to complain about tonight. Free show at SPIN magazine’s new office space, with Rantings of Eva, Lissy Trullie and Trail of Dead performing. All sponsored by Newcastle.

Free music + free beer = Awesomeness

Side note: I didn’t know Lissy Trullie was playing tonight’s show. After my boy Burch put me on the list (thanks again for the hook up, much appreciated), all I remember hearing was blah, blah, blah…Trail of Dead. Coincidentally I bought a ticket to Lissy Trullie’s Mercury Lounge show Wednesday night. Now, I know one of my rules is no repeat bands, but I’m forgiving this one since I really came to see ToD, and I will obviously be seeing more than just Lissy tomorrow. It’s still 100 days of consecutive music.

The new SPIN office is nice. I’m not sure where they were before but now they’re in a big open loft in Chinatown. The elevator opens to a stage/performance area where the bands were set up for tonight. The rest of the space is a big, open work area. 

I’m feeling good about tonight’s show. It’s free, close to my apt, I’m not rolling solo, and I get to hang with some friends of mine from my MTV days. Thomas and Lance, who I used to work with, and Jolina who coincidentally used to work where I work, and now she’s at the place where I used to be. Trade ya.

Jolina seems to  know everyone at the party, so I shamelessly ask her, “Who do I need to talk about writing a piece about my project?” I was halfway joking, but she jumped on it anyhow, pitching my story all night long. We’ll see if that ever works out.

The first band was a SPIN contest winner named Rantings of Eva. They started out like a poor man’s Killers, and ended with me wanting to kill myself. Lissy Trullie was next. I had been hearing a lot about her, but hadn’t really heard her music. She was great…but more on that tomorrow. 

The party was slated for 7-10pm, which meant an early night for me. Around 9ish, Trial of Dead hit the stage. And man did they kill it. I have a bunch of their records, but had never seen them perform. I’m glad I had my earplugs for this one because they are simply bonkers live. So loud, so tight. Just the right  jolt of the in-your-face wall of sound/noise I need every once in a while. 

I was most surprised at how each of the three guitar players played semi-hollow body guitars (mostly Epiphone) yet they were still able to be heavy. Guess that’s the secret to their sound. And it worked. It was loud, hot and sweaty up near the stage, but I had to do it. I stepped away for a song, and it just didn’t sound as good. So I hung near the band most of the night. 

Even with earplugs, I’m probably going to go fucking deaf by the end of this project, FYI.

The pictures I took don’t really capture the TOD experience, neither does this video – I’ll just that if you like it loud, they’re you’re band. After the show, I talked to one of the guitar players for a few minutes. Told him of the project, got the requisite “you’re fucking crazy” look, hung out for a bit longer, did a shot of vodka (why exactly?), had another free Newkie and then called it a night. 

An early, free night.