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2/18/09: Sam Roberts Band w/Mother Mother @ Bowery Ballroom (27/100)

February 19th, 2009

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This was a big day for the 100 Bands project.

Had my first bit of real press, “Seeing 100 Bands in 100 Days” by Foster Kamer, on Blackbook mag online (thanks again, Foster). Which resulted in the biggest day of traffic for the site. Blitzen Trapper is now following my Twitter (I added them, they added me). I talked to some people about starting to do a weekly radio show about the project for WK Radio ( And the Sam Roberts Band and Mother Mother blew the roof off Bowery Ballroom. 

Day 27 = a good day

My friend Dan shot me an email a few weeks ago after checking out the site. He saw the Mother Mother and Sam Roberts Band show in the Upcoming Shows section and wanted in. So he pulled the trigger, got the tickets, and tonight was the show. But first, I headed over to the design shop Dan started with his friend Andre - Dress code - to check out their office digs.We hung there for a bit and he showed me some of the work they’ve done. Really happy for these guys since opening their doors a couple years ago. Big ups. 

We quickly hit up a sandwich shop called Tiny’s for some pre-show grinders, and then made our way to the Bowery. Mother Mother (not to be confused with Mother/Father) was already on when we got there, so we quickly headed upstairs. I have to say, Mother Mother was a surprise. I thought they’d be some typical-looking indie rock band, but instead, I got some combo of that and the B-52s. Ryan, the lead singer, was sporting some pompadour/mohawk combo. Molly and Jasmin (keys/vox) were in matching black dresses. And Jeremy and Ali (rhythm section) looked like indie rock guys. I am not trying to make it a practice to comment on the “look” of bands. But when it’s part of their thing, it’s hard not to. Listen, I come from the Replacements mentality where a pair of jeans and a t-shirt are good enough…but whatever. Mother Mother looked great, and sounded better.

We caught most of their set, which was tight, solid and fun. But then it was time for the Sam Roberts band to hit the stage. And man did they hit it, with authority. I remember someone (a read of this blog I think) telling me that I was in for a treat with this show. Whoever you are, you were right. Sam Roberts brings it and brings it hard. The lights, the energy, the constant barrage of hard rocking songs. Man, what a show these guys put on. Neither Dan or I really knew what to expect from this show, and we were both pretty blown away. And the Bowery wasn’t even sold out that night.

Well, your loss if you weren’t at this show. But next time Sam Roberts rolls through town, grab a ticket and get ready for a great one.

1/26/09: Mother/Father @ Arlene’s Grocery (4/100)

January 27th, 2009

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Oh man, I am doing this all wrong. I have got to go see some real bands or this whole experiment will be a waste of time and money. Not to mention a complete bore to read. Listen: I know it’s a Monday at Arlene’s Grocery, the free night. But damn, I really hope this is the worst show I see for the next 96 days becuz if not, then I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do it.

Mother/Father was a last second change when Eric decided to tag along. It was his birthday, so I let him choose. Made no different to me really. Plus, Sleepy Rebels are more of the kind of band you go see with your girlfriend. It wasn’t until about, oh I don’t know…one song into Mother/Father’s set when I realized they are the kind of band you take your girlfriend to see when you really hate your girlfriend, or want to break up with her.

Simply put: Mother/Father was awful. I’m not going to parse words here, or waste anyone’s time. There just wasn’t a single genuine or interesting thing about them. It was truly amazing. I mean, I looked at their myspace page earlier in the day, and they have what looks like a real, legit tour. Sadly, that tour should’ve been like 10 years ago when they might’ve been able to ride the Interpol/Killers/Bravery gravy train to mediocrity. 

Apart from the enthusiastic guitar #2 (who strangely looked like a young J. Mascis, making this experience even weirder), they just didn’t have much…of anything. It was just five dudes in all black, tight jeans, long black hair, with no idea and no POV. It’s not enough to just dress the right way or have the right ethereal synth sound. The songs have to go somewhere and do something.

After the show, Eric gave me $20 and said, “Please, go buy a ticket to a real show this week.” Understanding that if I continue down this trajectory, I will shoot myself in the foot before I even get started.

So this is my pledge to anyone reading this: I intend to go see as many established bands as I can on this journey. Someone you’ve heard of and want to read about. Bcuz in the end, yes, it is going to be tough to see 100 bands in a row. And there are bound to be some stinkers and whatevers in there for sure. But in NYC, I have got to be able to do a lot better than this.