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2/7/09: Nodzzz @ L.A.M.C. (16/100)

February 8th, 2009

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After tonight’s show, I hit up a friend’s birthday party. Here’s a note I wrote into my phone at the party: 

I’m in a fucking daze. Tired, etc. Feels weird being out and not watching music. The set was only about 20 min tops. Total experience at LAMC–1 hour? At most. I did my thing, didn’t cheat, but still feels like I did. I want to be watching music. Am I becoming addicted?

Ok, that last thing was a bit overly dramatic, admittedly. And I’m not even sure it’s possible to be addicted to music, or seeing live music (but if it is, then I’m on my way). But it was weird. There I was, a little after 10pm, and I was already done. The show was at a loft, not an official venue, and the set was so short that it felt like I hadn’t seen anything. But I had. 

What did I see? A band named Nodzzz: a lo-fi 3-piece from San Fran. (Don’t ask me how to pronounce the band’s name, because I don’t know. They didn’t say it, and I had my opportunity when I talked to one of the band members after the show, and I totally forgot to bring it up.)

Where was the show? Less Artists More Condos (L.A.M.C.), an unofficial “venue.” Basically it’s someone’s loft where they host shows. How they get away with it, I will never know. I guess they cleared it with their neighbors? That would make sense since the neighbors are mostly bars.

Josh and I waited outside this nondescript door with a bunch of other people. A guy opened the door, ushered everyone in, checked IDs and then sent us up a long narrow staircase. We got upstairs, paid $10, and then entered the loft. It was a pretty great space considering most apartments in NY are tiny. This place was huge. There was a bar set up in the kitchen, with someone selling cheap beers and liquor drinks. Couches in the “living room” to the right, the bands were in a room towards the back and the whole place was oozing with hipsters.

“These are the coolest people in New York,” said Josh. And he was right. It gave me the feeling that the uber cool of NY is so cool they don’t even go to bars. They create their own places to hang out. Yet, somehow, Josh and I were there. 

We grabbed a drink and headed toward the music room in the back. There were 5 bands playing tonight. I wasn’t sure who was on when we got there, and we couldn’t get into the room to find out, either. We stood outside the door, and watched the shadows on the wall.  That band finished up, and we inched our way into the performance room. 

Man, that place was hot as hell and smelled like rock and roll: sweat and stank. No windows, no ventilation, one fan on the wall and people jam-packed into the room. About 20 minutes later, Nodzzz hit the “stage.” And they sounded great. It was surprised at how good the room sounded considering it was an apartment, and most of the room was exposed brick. 

They whipped through most (all?) of their songs from their self-titled record. And since the whole record clocks in at around 16 minutes, the set was only about 20 minutes or so. Josh hung back, too hot and claustrophobic for him. Which I totally get, but I had to be in there. But not sure I would ever need to be in there during the summer. It would be about a million degrees and people passing out and puking. 

They finished up, I talked to one of the guitar players (sorry, forgot his name) about the project, told him they were my day 16 band. “Nice! Sweet sixteen,” he said. And we left the super cool crowd before they found us out.

One more down. 84 to go. I gotta start planning for next week. It never ends.

02/07/09 – NoDzzz – Less Artists More Condos

February 7th, 2009
Saturday, February 7, 2009
8:00pm - All Ages
Less Artists More Condos (map)
New York, NY, USA

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