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2/25/09: Tapes ‘n Tapes w/The Subjects & Wild Light @ Bowery Ballroom (34/100)

February 26th, 2009

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Day 3 of being sick and I’m feeling better than the day before, and the day before that. So that’s good. And I’ve been looking forward to this show for a while. I saw Tapes ‘n Tapes a couple years ago during CMJ. I was looking forward to seeing them at a proper show where people show up just to see them. But I wasn’t there just to see Tapes. 

I wanted to see how The Subjects have been doing. I’ve mentioned before how I used to be in a band, which is technically true. But not in the same way the guys in The Subjects or the guys in Tapes ‘n Tapes are in a band. I never tried to make it. It was just friends of mine playing. We did manage to hold it together for about a couple years. Most of that time we rehearsed in the same building as The Subjects. So we became friendly with them. They got tighter and tighter, we got messier and messier. We felt apart, they picked up momentum. And so on.

I met up with my friend Ryan, his girl Erin, and friend of a mutual friend, Ollie. Out of our group, 3 of us were Minnesotans. Which is to be expected heading into a Tapes ‘n Tapes show.It also made me wonder how many other of us Minnesotans were representing. Someone needs to create an iPhone for something like that (and give me credit for the idea).

We got there just as the Subjects were going on. They sounded great. They were incorporating more keys than before, and Dave (lead singer) was giving up more vocal duties to drummer Matt. Made for a cool change. The newer songs (out on a record soon) sounded great. Definitely check these guys out if you get a chance. Not just saying that because I know them. Neither Ryan, Erin or Ollie had seen them, and they really dug them.

I was still trying to kick this cold, and going through times of being awake and having fun, to exhausted and having none. But at least I had my mostly-Minnesota posse, The Subjects, and then another friend Jon who I used to work all randomly at the show w/me. 

Random observation made by Erin: “Tapes and Tapes draw a really tall crowd.” And she’s right. Check this guy out:

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Tapes ‘n Tapes were finally set up and ready to go around, maybe 10:30? I don’t know. It was way past my sickass’s bedtime, that’s all I know. Ryan, Ollie and I grabbed a spot near the front right of the stage. Erin had to bail early. Not sure where Jon was at this point.

Tapes fucking killed this show. They split time between songs from The Loon and Walk It Off and even threw in some new ones for good measure – and were solid as hell. Not just musically, either. But with crowd control, too. When some drunk guy yelled “Play louder!” Tapes singer Josh Grier said, “If you think this isn’t loud enough, then you’re deaf.” In his best Minnesota-nice accent, of course. 

About halfway through they played “Insistor” and then, there it was…the mosh pit. I’m telling you: moshing is back. Maybe not for every band, or for the entire show, but it’s most definitely back. 

During the encore, I ran to get my coat and bumped into Dave, singer from The Subjects. I caught up with him for a bit and that was pretty much it. A good night catching up with friends, listened to some good music and no one farted (at least, not near me). 

Oh, right: the band Wild Light. They were awful, and from New Hampshire. Seriously, what band is from fucking New Hampshire? You’re telling me they couldn’t move to Boston? Or New York? Or Philly, to try and make it? 

But whatevs.